Thailand is easily associated with palm fringed beaches, endless shopping opportunities and spectacular night life. Yet, Thailand is also famous for its ancient temple ruins, dating back to the Khmer Empire or the earlier Kingdoms of Sukhothai and Ayuthaya, its Buddhist religion that permeates everywhere, its many colorful festivals, lush green mountains inhabited by various ethnic minorities, its fantastic tourism infrastructure, the great hospitality and fabulous food. Indeed, Thailand has something to offer to anyone and the discerning traveler will note with pleasure that a myriad of possibilities offer a deep insight into this fascinating country and its culture. You can enjoy an off the beaten track tour around the entire country staying at charming lodges and boutique hotels while discovering the finer points of Thai culture and history not touted in big tour operators’ brochures. You may also want to make a hands-on experience and try yourself at pottery, weaving, cooking or even meditation. If you love sports, the possibilities are endless and range from all types of waters sports to world class golf.

Thailand is an excellent starting point for tours into the nearby countries of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, not only through its new airport of Suvarnabhumi but also through the northern hub of Chiang Mai from where regional flights, overland border crossings or river journeys can get you from one country into the next.